Vesi Gourmet

Giuseppe Vesi, who is the owner of the two locations of ‘Vesi Gourmet’, says it took two years to find all the best suppliers to make his dream come true. The project consisted of the creation of a ‘gourmet pizza’ which was to be meant in a different way from the concept of being ‘fashionable’. We are talking about the coexistence of typical local products – to be chosen according to the season- and other foreign specialties, such as the ‘Jambon de Bosses DOP’ (a typical ham of the Valle d’Aosta region) or the Irish ‘Cashel Blue’ cheese. Still, the strengths of this delicious pizza are: the Slow Food membership, the use of local organic products, the Italian soft wheat flour and meats and cheese which are produced in controlled breedings, as naturally as possible.

As a result, the fusion of these products leads to innovative but even traditional recipes that the pizzeria Vesi daily offers to its customers. You will find it difficult to choose the right pizza among the classic ‘Margherita’, the innovative pizza with chickpea soup and codfish, the refined ‘Fantasia di colori e sapori’ (Fantasy of colours and flavours) and the local ‘Papaccella napoletana’ (a Neapolitan type of pepper). However, in spite of your final decision, Vesi Gourmet just wants you to taste the old Neapolitan cuisine mixed up with modernity.



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