Its origins date back to 1905 and it has exported the quality of the Neapolitan haute patisserie all around the world. The respect of the tradition and the love for local products explain why this family, who has been enthusiastically working for almost a century, has been so successful. The Neapolitan sfogliatella and pastiera are among the best-known Scaturchio specialties. Nevertheless, the ‘Babà Vesuvius’ is the product that has made this patisserie so famous. It was made on the occasion of the G7, in 1994, and it was aimed at showing the Neapolitan haute patisserie art to the most important people on earth. One year later, it has been patented in its name, in its shape but also figuratively, since it made Scaturchio renowned worldwide.

The ‘ministeriale’, a rounded chocolate sweet filled with liquor, which dates back to the 20s. However, there are not only Neapolitan recipes, but also foreign specialities such as the Sacher Torte, the strudel from Trentino and the ‘Briochine del Danubio’ (a salty brioche). In addition, many important people, such as RAI (the Italian state broadcaster) and the Holy See, have also chosen Scaturchio in order to have delicacies to be prepared. Indeed, it can be considered as the symbol of the Neapolitan patisserie.

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