Picasso Napoli Parade

Celebrating the Centennial of Picasso’s visit in Italy through an art exhibition in two Neapolitan locations

The cities of Naples and Pompeii are celebrating the Centennial of Picasso’s 1917 journey to Italy. On this occasion, an exhibition called “Picasso Napoli Parade” has been arranged and will be held until 10th July in two different locations:

  • The ‘Museo di Capodimonte’, within walking distance from the historic centre,
  • The Antiquarium of Pompeii (Porta Marina entrance).

During his stay in the city, Pablo Picasso had the chance to deeply know the Neapolitan culture, also thanks to the several performances of Commedia dell’Arte he had been attending. As a matter of fact, this influence surely contributed to the creation of the Parade drop curtain, an enormous canvas (17 x 10 m) which belongs to the Georges Pompidou Centre of Paris. This work of art is now on display in the grand ballroom of the Royal Palace of Capodimonte.

Instead, Pompeii houses some of the costumes the Spanish artist realized for the Parade ballet, together with many African masks and a sketch of ‘Les demoiselles d’Avignon’.

In order to promote the visit of the two exhibitions, Trenitalia has also made a special promotion for the Cartafreccia holders who, by showing their train ticket to Naples, will be able to take advantage of the “2 for 1” promotion at the entrance of the exhibition at the Museo di Capodimonte (provided that the journey takes place within 5 days ahead of the day of the visit).

For further information about the exhibition and the Neapolitan Picasso’s stay:



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