The Third Edition of the ‘Bufala Fest’ 2017 on the Naples’ Seafront


The Bufala Fest comes back to town along the Naples’ seafront from 15 to 19 September. This event is mainly focused on the products of the Neapolitan cuisine tradition that are prepared with buffalo milk.
During this third edition, there will be 60 stands where you will purchase and taste milk, mozzarella cheese, ice-creams and sweets all prepared with this delicious ingredient. Furthermore, the best regional farms have also provided meat, cured meats, soaps and cosmetics that have been processed with buffalo milk.
Many workshops, cultural exchanges, meetings and activities, that are aimed at promoting the production of buffalo mozzarella cheese and its related products (jogurt, cheese, cream, ricotta cheese and butter) within the agricultural industry, will also take place.
In addition, the event is going to be even more interesting thanks to the ‘Outstanding Chef’ contest, that has been organized in collaboration with the Italian Chefs Professional Association and will involve several young and talented chefs who will create original recipes by using one of the buffalo mozzarella products.



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